Travis West

Joe Webb moved to wide receiver

Created on Apr. 16, 2013 11:02 PM EST

After signing Matt Cassel to be the Minnesota Vikings' backup quarterback, Joe Webb has been on the outside looking in. However, Webb’s versatility may be his life line to staying with the team.

The Vikings have taken Webb off their depth chart as a quarterback and added him to the receiving corps.

Webb is a tall guy at 6-3 and owns 4.4 speed. Coming into the 2010 NFL Draft, Webb was pegged as a receiver and not quarterback, but after being drafted by Minnesota 199th overall, the head coach at the time, Brad Childress, decided to keep Webb and use him at quarterback with the hopes of finding a hidden gem.

In his career as a QB, Webb played in 17 games threw for 853 yards and rushed for more touchdowns than he threw.

Converting Webb to receiver is a longshot, but with some work he could possibly contribute.

His inexperience at receiver is minimal. However, Webb’s intangibles are interesting enough to at least give it a shot.

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