Founded In
Las Piedras, Uruguay

About Juventud

Club Atlético Juventud de Las Piedras, often known more simply as Juventud, was first established in December 1935. The team was formed by a group of youngsters from a local Catholic school, in response to being prevented from playing football there. In its infancy, the club operated under the name Club Ildu, due to the fact that the textile company, ILDU, had provided them with their playing kit. The club adopted its current name, which translates to 'Athletic Club of Youths from Las Piedras', in 1947.

For many years, Juventud competed in various youth and regional leagues, before joining the Uruguayan Football Association in the 1980s. Initially competing in the Tercera División, the club fought for promotion for many years, before finally winning the league in 1995, gaining promotion to the Segunda División ahead of the following season.

After establishing themselves in the country's second tier, Juventud went on to claim the Segunda División title in 1999. As a result, they were promoted to the Primera División for the first time and remained in the division until 2003. During their initial stint in the top flight, in 2001, they became the first team outside of the city of Montevideo to earn victories over both of Uruguay's traditional giants, Nacional and Peñarol. At the end of the 2011–12 campaign, they were once again promoted to the top flight, having finished 2nd in the Segunda División. In addition to their performances on the domestic front, Juventud also won the 2006 Torneo di Viareggio, which is one of the most prestigious youth tournaments contested on the international stage.

Some of the most notable players to have represented Juventud de Las Piedras include Uruguayan internationals such as Luis Barbat and Adrián Berbia, as well as names like Rodrigo Mora, Iván Pailós and Gonzalo Porras.

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