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About Kansas City Chiefs

Established in 1960 by Lamar Hunt, the Kansas City Chiefs were a founding member of the American Football League. Hunt had initially asked the NFL to create an expansion franchise in Dallas, TX, but was turned down. He subsequently helped to establish the AFL in order to get the franchise off the ground. The Chiefs eventually joined the NFL in 1970 during the AFL-NFL merger. The team's primary rival is the Oakland Raiders, with the rivalry dating back to their AFL days. Although Lamar Hunt died in 2006, the Chiefs remain under the ownership of the Hunt family.

Initially, the franchise was known as the Dallas Texans. However, by 1963, it became clear that the team was no longer sustainable, mostly due to competition from the newly-formed Dallas Cowboys in the NFL. As a result, the Texans moved to Kansas City and took on their current name.

In January 1967, the team competed in the first ever Super Bowl, ultimately losing to the Green Bay Packers. At the conclusion of the 1969 season, the Kansas City Chiefs returned to the title game, this time defeating the Minnesota Vikings at Super Bowl IV. In doing so, they became only the second AFL franchise to beat an NFL team at the Super Bowl.

The Chiefs' first decade of play brought three AFL league championship wins in 1962, 1966, and 1969. As a franchise, the team has won a total of eight division championships and has made 17 appearances in the playoffs.

Kansas City Chiefs Championships

AFL Championships

  • 1962: Dallas Texans 20, Houston Oilers 17
  • 1966: Kansas City Chiefs 31, Buffalo Bills 7
  • 1969: Kansas City Chiefs 17, Oakland Raiders 7

Super Bowl Championships

  • 1969: Kansas City Chiefs 23, Minnesota Vikings 7


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