Michael Ferraro

Kellen Winslow Jr. Becomes A Jet

Created on Jun. 15, 2013 9:38 PM EST

The New York Jets and former Pro Bowl tight end Kellen Winslow Jr.  have  agreed to a one-year contract, which will help fill the void left by Dustin Keller.

The Jets had been impressed with the recent workout Winslow Jr. gave earlier this week, so it comes as no surprise he was offered a contract after he passed his physical. The Jets badly needed an upgrade at the tight end position and Winslow Jr. will give Mark Sanchez or Geno Smith a much-needed weapon in their timid passing attack. Over his career he has 438 receptions with 4,848 yards receiving with 23 receiving touchdowns. His best season came in 2007 when he played for the Cleveland Browns; Winslow Jr. had 82 receptions with 1,106 yards receiving with five receiving touchdowns.

Winslow Jr. had only one reception for 12 yards but he should see a lot targets with the Jets weak receiving core, only Santonio Holmes is a deep threat and he is recovering from a foot injury that kept him out most of the 2012 season. Winslow Jr. should bring a safe target for whoever is starting because Winslow Jr. isn’t known for deep plays as he has only had five careers receptions of 40 or more yards. Over his career he has averaged 4.7 receptions for 52.1 yards with an average of 11.1 yards per reception, which help the Jets move the chains and keep their defense off the field.

Winslow’s presence will also help out the running game, as the Jets will have a legitimate threat at the tight end position that they didn’t have earlier this week. It should also help the receivers as it should make defenses weary or guarding Winslow Jr. with just a linebacker, which might have been the case with one of the other tight ends on the roster, now defenses will need to make sure they get help from the free safety to cover him.

The Jets still need an upgrade at the wide receiver position but this is a start in the right direction something they should have addressed more in the draft but did not do so for some strange reason. Winslow Jr. will definitely help the Jets out, it’s just a matter of how much help he can provide.

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