Brandon Lawrence

Kraft Donates $617K To Marathon Fund

Created on Apr. 25, 2013 10:17 PM EST

Patriots owner Robert Kraft announced that he, his family and the team's charitable foundation have donated $617,000 to the One Fund Boston. The fund was set up last week after the tragedy at the Boston Marathon.

The $617,000 is a significant number for the city. Boston's area code is 617. According to Kraft, who spoke to media Thursday night, donations that came in to the charitable foundation were just shy of the $617,000 mark, including the $100,000 the Kraft family matched once that goal was achieved. His family upped its donation total to reach the significant $617,000 number.

Kraft and his family hosted 25 members of the Boston Police Department at the Patriots draft party Thursday night, and each received New England Patriots No. 1 jerseys, with "Boston" as the name across the back.

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