Allen Kim

Lions' Ndamukong Suh To Appeal $100,000 Fine

Created on Sept. 11, 2013 1:06 PM EST

Detroit Lions DT Ndamukong Suh is planning to appeal his $100,000 fine for his low-block hit on Minnesota Vikings C John Sullivan. Sullivan, coming off of offseason microfracture knee surgery, luckily avoided a serious injury on the play and is expected to suit up for Week 2.

The NFL is clearly sending a message to Suh with this fine. This was the biggest fine for an on-field violation that doesn’t include lost money due to suspension, and it’s just another questionable incident in Suh’s long list of infractions.

Suh’s dirty play has been well documented over his career, and this fine should hopefully get his attention. While it’s a significant escalation over his $30,000 fine for kicking Houston Texans QB Matt Schaub in the groin last year, it seems appropriate considering his past.

"I hesitate to call a player dirty simply because I don't know their intent, but I do know what he did was illegal, and I do know he has done it multiple times, so it comes a time when enough is enough," Saints TE Benjamin Watson said in an interview with the NFL Network. "We need to get what he is doing rectified, and we need to sit down as players and talk to him. We are talking about player safety and obviously this is a play that lies outside of that. As players, we need to hold ourselves accountable."

While his hit on Sullivan isn’t as egregious as the incident in which he stomped on Green Bay Packers OL Evan Dietrich-Smith, Suh is treading on thin ice. Any further instances are likely to draw another suspension.

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