Christopher Smith

Mack Brown Accepts Paid Fundraising Position

Created on Dec. 15, 2013 5:55 PM EST

Former Texas coach Mack Brown will serve as an adviser to university president Bill Powers, making $500,000 a year through 2020, the Austin American-Statesman reported Sunday.

Brown, who resigned Saturday, was notoriously strong at helping the athletic department raise funds and apparently will continue to serve the university in that capacity. 

At a press conference Sunday, Brown disputed reports that pointed to behind-the-scenes politics and ugly in-fighting, instead saying it was his decision to step down and claiming he could've coached a 17th season at Texas if he wanted.

Asked about his legacy at Texas, Brown said he hoped he'd be remembered for "bringing some joy to Texas, getting us back on track.

"The second thing is that I did it with integrity and class. The standard is set really high here (for student-athletes) and I'm darn proud we had something to do with it."

Powers backed Mack's assertion that the move wasn't driven by pressure from regents.

"Mack's a tough act to follow," new athletic director Steve Patterson said, adding he'd "like to have a (new) coach by Tuesday at noon if we could," but he expects it will take a bit of time to name Brown's replacement.

With the recent ugly exit of Bobby Bowden at Florida State, and the potential for this story to go horribly (ESPN reported that Brown was "enraged" about premature leaks regarding his decision to resign), it's a comforting ending to Brown's tenure at Texas. Well-respected in coaching circles and by national media, Brown relatively struggled the last four seasons and can be particularly criticized for his failure to recruit at quarterback.

But Brown deserves the $3.5 million he'll apparently earn in his new role and is capable of serving as a great ambassador for the university and athletic department.

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