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Malaga board hit back at criticism

Created on Jun. 08, 2013 12:55 PM EST

Malaga vice president Moayad Shatat has reaffirmed the desire of the club's board to continue investing in the Spanish side.

Owner Sheikh Abdullah Al-Thani has come in for criticism from certain quarters for a perceived lack of investment in the club, with recent failure to pay wages and other financial problems resulting in the club being barred from UEFA competitions next season. 

However, Shatat, in a letter to the club's fans, said the club had faced a number of "obstacles" stemming from a "lack of institutional support".

He claims that the current owners have had to pay excessive fees to play in their current stadium and have seen development plans in the area blocked. 

Despite that, Shatat claims the board and Al-Thani remain committed to the club and also explained that there were no major worries about the forthcoming FIFA fair play regulations.   He insisted that a bright future was on the cards.

In the letter, he wrote: "Despite all the obstacles we've encountered along the way, the owner is determined to continue. Sheikh Abdullah has no intention of leaving the club, and has never even considered doing so.  

"His main objective is to develop a more solid club for the future, in compliance with fair play regulations and maintaining economic stability according to UEFA and the LFP, and supervised by the Spanish treasury.

"We are not concerned about the future at all, as it won’t be any different from other clubs in the league. 

"Adapting our budget to come in line with financial regulations ahead of next season, and remain amongst the other clubs in the top half of the League table are our priorities.

"In order to continue to grow, it is fundamental that we have the support of the various administrations. The club requires its own stadium, an idea which has been raised with the three government institutions.  

"We're ready to do all it takes to finalise everything before the end of the year, but in order to do that we need the authorities to decide on a location for the project as quickly as possible."

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