Liam Canning

Manchester United Problems Only Short Term

Created on Mar. 08, 2014 2:24 PM EST

Can Manchester United become a prominent force one again?

In a short answer – yes they can. One season doesn’t make the team that have won three European cups and 20 Premier League titles a mockery or one that cannot contend with the more profound clubs out there.

For United fans like myself, unfortunately you have to call this season a write off. There’s no point in living in false hope and lying to yourself. Manchester United are situated in seventh position and are 12 points off making that crucial fourth position to be entered into the Champions League next season.

Being in the early stages of March now, fans of the well-acknowledged club have to apprehend that there is too much of a gap to make up within three months.

Under new manager David Moyes, there are going to be obvious changes to the style of play that United are trying to fulfil. It’s palpable that this type of style isn’t going to become an instant hit overnight and that it’ll work straight away. You must give it time. Everything that is a success is through patience and virtue. It can be applied to football as well. Or, you procure a multi-billionaire owner. 

As I was saying, Moyes has a different set of tactics on his side to Sir Alex Ferguson. Ferguson portrayed the diminishing enigma that was petrifying to any footballer. One step out of line and you can see yourself being dropped from the team. Moyes has a different strategy. He’s not got the fear factor that SAF had to his bow; Moyes is a passionate manager, he wants to get the best out of his players at all costs.

He believes in the philosophy of, 'you play for the crest on the front of your jersey, and you’ll be remembered by the name on your back.' This is undergoing this season and with some more signings to be brought in this summer I have no reason to doubt United getting back to their best.

Manchester United need to now focus on their summer and have to think about their potential targets, whom they are going to buy and for those whom are going in the opposite direction. With a good summer, signing some world-class forces, I believe immensely that United will be back to the top of their game and can unquestionably contend once again.

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