Christopher Wuensch

March Madness Bracket Substituting 2013 Football Teams

Created on Mar. 28, 2014 5:22 AM EST

Admit it. Your brackets went belly-up. Come on … Mercer? Really? Mercer?

If hindsight (20-20) were a college basketball squad, it’d be .500 and, at best, a bubble team. Even when we know the results, the bigger picture can still lack focus. In short, there’s always room for debate in sports.

Debate and brackets.

We can bracketize just about anything these days (save for an effectual BCS playoff system). One popular pseudo-bracket is the aligning of a 64-team-tournament based on the college football season.

But what if, for the sake of filling out another bracket, we treated this year’s basketball field of 64+ based on their 2013 NCAA football teams?

Sure it would be a logistical nightmare on the field to do a March Madness-style tournament. But on a crinkled, coffee-cup stained bracket print-out? Well … here’s your chance for redemption, Duke.

March Madness, 2013 football style:


No. 16: Albany (1-11, 0-8) over Mount St. Mary’s (No Football): The Great Danes are dancing! Albany advances despite winning one game in 2013, thanks to a non-existent Mount Saint Mary’s team.

No. 16: Cal Poly (6-6, 5-3) over Texas Southern (2-9, 2-7): Despite playing the tougher schedule, Texas Southern had two losing streaks of at least three games in 2013. Cal Poly wants it more and advances.

No. 12: N.C. State (3-9, 0-8) over Xavier (No Football): N.C. State went winless in ACC play, yet advance because Xavier hasn’t fielded a football team since 1973.

No. 11: Iowa (8-4, 5-3) over Tennessee (5-7, 2-6): As far as football games go, this is a pretty good one. Even though both the Hawkeyes and Vols underachieved by their standards in 2013, this is a game we’d watch. Iowa gets the slight nod, thanks to a defense that ranks No. 6 nationally.

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