David Seigerman

Market Speculation: Is Clowney's Stock Crashing?

Created on Oct. 09, 2013 11:57 PM EST

Jadeveon Clowney is still smiling.

Maybe not as much as Johnny Manziel, who has to be at the very least giddy that the Character Police have started knocking on someone else’s door. But if you saw him address the media gaggle on Tuesday, you’d notice that Clowney never stopped smiling. Like he knows something you don’t.

These should be happy times for Team Ball Coach. South Carolina is 4-1, ranked 14th in the country. With all the injuries Georgia has suffered, it’s conceivable that the Gamecocks – not the Bulldogs, the only team they’ve lost to – are the ones who control their own destiny in the SEC East. They have three SEC road games, and are likely to get their best defensive player back at some point during that stretch, maybe even as early as Saturday’s game at Arkansas. There should be clamoring for seats aboard the Cockaboose Bandwagon.

Still, people see Clowney smiling and go all Oliver Stone on him. How hurt can he possibly be, they think, and still be smiling? He has to be hiding something, right?

Now, the people who claim they can see into Clowney’s heart also, apparently, can also read the future. From afar, they have rendered their esteemed medical and psychological evaluations, and now they confidently project how many teams will pass on a quitter like that Clowney fraud.

Is this seriously a controversy? Are there people who actually believe that there’s so much as a red flag here? For real?

The ailments, injuries and illness that have plagued Clowney’s 2013 season are unfortunate but not symptomatic of a larger more concerning condition. No heat-of-the-moment comment from Steve Spurrier should lead you to believe otherwise.

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