Jo E. Prout

Marrone Keeps His Head

Created on Nov. 24, 2013 6:13 AM EST

The Buffalo Bills’ success against the New York Jets on their second go-round may have distracted Bills fans call for head coach Doug Marrone’s head, but if the Bills play badly enough the rest of the season and conjure up memories of their first 10 games, Marrone may want to duck and cover.

The first-year NFL coach for Buffalo may have his theories about how to run a team, but the Bills players haven’t applied them consistently all season. The truth is, they haven’t had a chance.

Offensive Coordinator Nathaniel Hackett described the situation on Sirius XM NFL Radio.

“To this point, we haven’t had a mesh of the pass game and the run game,” he said. “One of the sides has always been picking up the other. We haven’t run and passed well in the same game.”

Hackett hit the nail on the head. With so many injuries taking out the Bills’ offensive and defensive lines for alternating weeks, Buffalo has danced around the field all season, favoring whichever side was ailing the most at the time.

When the Bills beat up the Jets, they showed what they could do when they were, according to Buffalo’s standards this year, healthy. Having the Jets’ rookie quarterback Geno Smith get benched probably helped, too. How could it not?

Buffalo can’t count on playing bottom-of-the-barrel teams like the Jets for the rest of the season. They might beat the Miami Dolphins, again, but Buffalo will end its season facing the New England Patriots. The Patriots had a bad day in September and the Bills still lost. The Bills, themselves, need to have five more good – that is, healthy – days to be able to call this a decent season. If they don’t, be prepared to hear cries of “Off with his head!”

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