Meghan Takacs


Takacs was born and raised in Cleveland. She says this can either make her hate sports, or make her learn what is takes to be a true fan. Fortunately, she says she took the latter stance. Takacs grew up always wanting to be involved in sports somehow, whether it was playing it, dabbling on the business side, marketing, or writing.

As a former collegiate-level athlete and current sports fan, she has an unconditional appreciation and respect for the work ethic involved in sports. She says she lives, works, and plays by the “don’t be good, be great” mentality in sports.

The sports community is a complex culture and an often-misconstrued realm. Whether the headlines are talking about a contract, a player, or a game, sports in general creates a global community and a solitary passion for achievement in all aspects of life: you can’t go wrong with that mentality.

Meghan currently resides in Atlanta and owns her own marketing company. She has a degree in journalism and is also a certified personal trainer for some of Atlanta’s most established. Her favorite sport is football and she is a Browns and Falcons fan.

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