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Meriweather Has A Point

Created on Oct. 30, 2013 8:57 PM EST

Even a complete knucklehead can be half right, some of the time. Brandon Meriweather is the perfect example.

Meriweather went off this week. Fresh off a one-game suspension for illegal hits to the heads of defenseless receivers, he vowed to start targeting the knees of those same players. To end their careers rather than face another suspension. You’d think the craziest thing about this rant would be that he actually said it. However, in today’s NFL, the crazy part was he actually had a point.

Roger Goodell has made it so defensive backs have no other choice but to go low. Any hit above the shoulders, whether it draws a flag or not, now has the potential to cost players hundreds of thousands of dollars in fines and game checks.

You can argue Meriweather isn’t the best messenger. After all, next to Ndamukong Suh, he’s probably thought as the dirtiest player in the NFL. Fair or not, he’s under a microscope. Every hit is watched with extreme interest by the league office and these statements won’t help with that. I will be curious to see how the league deals with the first knee he blows out. After all, he’s just following the rules.

The stupid, misguided rules.

And speaking of rules, Meriweather’s rant got more interesting a few moments later. When a reporter asked him about Brandon Marshall’s comments last week that Meriweather should be thrown out of the league. Meriweather fired back that Marshall has a history of domestic violence against women and he’s still in the league. He asked why it’s OK to beat your girlfriend and still get to make a living in the NFL but hits on the field should be enough to rob you of your livelihood?

It was an interesting question. One that the national news media ran from as if it were a zombie looking to make them dinner. I saw multiple talking heads either brush the point off completely or address it by saying Meriweather crossed a line and claim they wouldn’t discuss it on the air at all.

What a bunch of cowards.

Now, if Meriweather had just come out and started by asking these questions about Marshall, unprovoked, I would concede he was out of line. However, Marshall came out and demanded Meriweather be thrown out of the league for hitting him high. At that point, Marshal left himself open to the type of rebuttal Meriweather shot back.

The fact is, Marshall has a record of at least four domestic violence incidents against women. At least four. He was suspended a total of one game for them. His livelihood is intact and he continues to make a very nice living. If someone wants to point fingers at other players and demand they be thrown out of the NFL for plays that happen between the lines of play they better be squeaky clean on and off that same field.

It reminded me of Adrian Peterson a few weeks ago and the tragedy that befell his young son. In the days that followed the story breaking more and more details of Peterson’s life starting leaking out. Details like he had only learned of this boy in August, that he had never even met him. That he has multiple children out of wedlock with numerous women all over the country. Again, the national news media deemed these details off-limits and once again they shouldn’t have been. After all, Adrian Peterson spent last off season giving interviews where he was more than happy to come out against gay marriage. To call it a sin and in turn to call gay men and women sinners. He quoted the bible to make his points.

At that point, his private life became fair game. After all, the bible is clear on premarital sex. If Peterson can condemn gay and lesbian people for their sex lives and has no trouble supporting the suppression of their equal rights to marry then I think it’s fair game to question Peterson's personal life in return. No matter what side of the issues people stand the least they should be able to agree on is that Peterson is a tremendous hypocrite.

If the fall from the soap box is too far then certain people should just climb down. When they don’t, the media should be a lot quicker to push them. Brandon Marshall and Adrian Peterson should be held at least as accountable for their lives off the field as we hold a player for his actions on it.

Brandon Meriweather might have only been half right but he wasn’t wrong.

Week 8 Late Hits

Dez Bryant isn’t Calvin Johnson. However, he’s a lot closer than what Sunday would have people believe.

I found it interesting to see the media reaction to Dez Bryant’s sideline ranting on Sunday. When Tom Brady does things like that its motivation. When Dez does it’s a distraction. To ignore the obvious racial overtones to the story is crazy.

The Bucs announced that Darrelle Revis will start playing man-to-man coverage. Too bad it only took an 0-7 record to start to realize how to properly use your $16 million investment.

The Jets looked as bad as a team can look a week after looking better than they had all year. Every other week seems to be the theme of the 2013 season for them. Will 8-8 be enough to save Rex Ryan at the end of the year?

For as good as Seattle is at home, they are half as good on the road. Barely beating St Louis with Kellen Clemens under center is cause for concern.

Arizona may be the best bad team in the league. Look for a big second half and potential run at a wild card.

Kansas City needs a quality win before I’ll make them serious contenders.

Giants’ fans seem a bit too happy about their team’s performance last weekend. Managing five field goals and an eight-point win vs. an Eagles team with Matt Barkley under center shouldn’t be a cause for celebration.  

The fact the Giants are still in the race in the NFC East proves that it’s the worst division in the NFL.

Tom Brady is having a terrible year and the Patriots will still win 13 games. 

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