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Meyer Disappointed With 'Wipe The Field' Comments

Created on Nov. 13, 2013 2:15 PM EST

Urban Meyer made it clear he's upset with Evan Spencer's comments earlier this week and has issued a metaphorical muzzle for the receiver.

During a media luncheon, Spencer expressed confidence in Ohio State's chances against any team in the country. The Buckeyes (9-0) finished last season unbeaten, but still won't play in the BCS championship unless Alabama or Florida State lose.

Spencer on Monday told the media his team would "wipe the field with both of them."

"I'm very disappointed. I can't stand that," Meyer said during the weekly Big Ten teleconference Tuesday. "He's certainly not the spokesman for our team. As a result, Evan won't talk to the media for a long, long time.

"What he believes, what goes on inside the locker room doesn't need to be in the papers and all that."

During the same luncheon, Meyer discussed ranking Ohio State No. 2 with reporters in a more calculated fashion, careful to stress the respect he has for the competition.

Though games are won on the field, and there's no way to prove whether this type of talk can give a team an advantage, it's something coaches dread.

There's no reason, either, for a receiver with a secondary role to fire up, say, Alabama. Tide quarterback AJ McCarron already proved he can work up a grudge when he found out Tennessee coach Butch Jones referenced his squad as "the red team" before Bama beat the Vols, 45-10.

Though he won't be speaking to the media, apparently for a long, long time, Spencer still has a Twitter account, and took to it Monday night to apologize. Here are Spencer's two tweets on the subject:

I did not mean to disrespect any FB team today. I am confident in my team, and as is evident in the video, I was having fun ...

... with the media answering their questions. I should have chosen my words more wisely. There was no intent to disrespect any other team.

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