Drew Cathey

Miami Dolphin's Keys To Winning Against Buffalo

Created on Oct. 19, 2013 7:13 PM EST

The Miami Dolphins come off a bye week this Sunday and face their first division opponent of the year in the Buffalo Bills at home. Last year they split the season series losing at Buffalo 19-14 and then winning at home 24-10. Besides just the score the Dolphins were polar opposites in each game. In the loss they ran for under 100 yards and had three turnovers to the Bill's 0. In the win, they rushed for over 100 yards and had 0 turnovers to the Bills four. Also, in the win Tannehill had just under 50 yards rushing which made a difference as well.

So, what must the Dolphins do in order to get the win this weekend? The answer seems simple. They must run the ball successfully and take care of the ball. Whether or not they choose to use Tannehill in the aspect of the game is solely up to the coaching staff. Incorporating him into the run game might help ease up that defensive pressure, but with the risk of injury to him this still might be something that gets left out.

One thing that must be noted here is that in the loss to the Bills last year they had a punt returned for a touchdown. This was something that didn't really happen much to the Dolphins at all so it might seem that the Bill's special teams know something that other teams don't. Special teams always tend to produce the hidden yardage that sometimes goes very unnoticed and in last years case it produced points. So one thing the Dolphins have to do is foucs on not making any mistakes on special teams because it would be a shame for them to play good on offense and defense and have the special teams be the cause of a loss on Sunday.

In all, with the way the Dolphins have played so far this season it seems as though if they keep on playing the way they have and execute correctly that there really shouldn't be a problem. However, this is a division opponent and that means that they play tough. The Dolphins must cut down on mistakes and take care of the ball. Containing quarterback Thad Lewis shouldn't really be too much of a problem for the defense after they have already played at least three top 10 quarterbacks in the league. This should be a good game, but the Dolphins should be able to pull out a tough win and get their division schedule started off on the right foot.

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