Founded In
Mons, Belgium

About Mons

Royal Albert-Elizabeth Club de Mons, usually known by the more simple name Mons, was first established in November 1909. The team takes its full name from the reigning Belgian Monarch at the time of its foundation. Both the club and the city of Mons are referred to as Bergen by Dutch speakers. The team are nicknamed Les Dragons.

Over the years, Mons have spent much of their existence bouncing between the second and third tiers of the Belgian league system, even falling as far as the fourth division on occasion. This period as a yo-yo club spanned the duration of the 1950s, 1960s and 1970s. In 1986, the club were relegated to the third tier once again, where they remained for several years, before gaining promotion back to the second division in 1999-00.

Although major honours have been beyond the reach of Mons, their promotion back to the Second Division at the turn of the century kicked off what has been the most successful era of the club's history so far. At the conclusion of the 2001-02 season, the team won the Second Division Final Round and gained promotion to the First Division for the first time in history, sparking celebrations. However, the club has struggled to maintain its top flight status, being relegated several times since. Subsequent promotions back to the top tier were achieved in 2005-06 and most recently in 2010-11.

Some of the better-known players to have played for Mons in recent times include Liviu Ciobotariu, Hany Saïd and Tim Matthys. Alessandro Pistone also had a brief spell with the club at the end of his playing career.

The team play their home games at the Stade Charles Tondreau. The ground opened for the first time back in September 1910 and is currently able to hold around 13,000 supporters.   

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