Timotheus Gordon

Moore Shows Off His WWE Moves Once Again

Created on Oct. 21, 2013 6:06 PM EST

Last month in the Georgia Dome against the Rams, Pro Bowl safety William Moore wowed fans when he gave St. Louis Rams TE Mike McNeill a "Spinebuster".

Whelp, turns out that Moore was just getting started.

Moore showed off his pro wrestling skills once again Sunday, this time delivering a knockout blow to the chest of Tampa Bay Buccaneers star RB Doug Martin. With 12:39 left in the third quarter, Tampa Bay threatened to cut the Falcons' lead to seven. Rookie QB Mike Glennon lofted a pass toward the endzone from about Atlanta's 26 yard line. Martin had a hand on the ball, but was quickly met by a charging Moore, who threw an elbow to Martin's upper body and caused the pass to fall incomplete. The running back then laid on the ground for a moment in pain before being removed from the remainder of the game. Moore also sacked Glennon and forced a fumble in the same game.

Yahoo! Sports now reports that Martin tore his labrum on that play and may be done for the season. The hit was ruled legal and clean on the field, since Moore did not use his helmet to hit Martin.

Take notice, remaining opponents of the Falcons. Do not throw anywhere near Moore from now on. Otherwise, he may just give recievers the "People's Elbow" or another "Spinebuster".

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