Scott Daniels

Most Controversial Moves Under Andy Reid

Created on Mar. 08, 2013 11:00 AM EST

I am not one to typically question the Eagles brass for bold moves in the draft or their valiant attempts to satisfy an obsessive fan base with free agent signings. Under the Andy Reid era, which spanned 14 seasons, the Eagles have always been an aggressive, yet fascinating organization to follow. With every signing, draft pick or trade, the Eagles never fail to arouse the skeptics.

Here’s a look back at some of the most controversial moves made by the Philadelphia Eagles over the last few years under Reid.

Donovan McNabb

McNabb was castigated at the NFL draft by a small group of Eagles fans, but national media mistakenly interpreted this to mean the entire city of Philadelphia was opposed to the pick. The truth is, heading into the draft, McNabb was a virtual undercover MI-6 agent to most Eagles fans, and with the second pick of the 1999 draft, everyone in Philly was drooling over Ricky Williams, an explosive back out of Texas.

I’d say the McNabb pick turned out to be a solid acquisition.

Terrell Owens

So good, yet such a headache. The Eagles made a statement here to their fan base that they were committed to winning a ring—and boy did they get close. Owens and McNabb showed signs of greatness en route to a 2004 Superbowl appearance, but fell painstakingly short to the Patriots.

What followed was a disaster: Owens wanted more money and the Eagles didn’t budge. Drew Rosenhaus enters the picture and we get a flamboyant “driveway workout” (whatever that was). And, unfortunately, the Owens debacle ended with his release and Eagles fans were left to wonder what could have been had the organization entertained Owens’ demands.

Michael Vick

The former Atlanta Falcon and $100 million man went from superstar to convict in one of the most horrific scandals we’ve seen involving an NFL player. Vick transformed how the quarterback position is played, but after his dogfighting scandal resulted in a felony conviction, Vick headed off to prison.

Upon his release, teams were lining up to acquire Vick and they knew he came with a low price tag. Somehow, Vick was persuaded to join the Eagles, and while his tenure didn’t end with Andy Reid, it appears to be drawing to a close.

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