Christopher Smith

Navy RB McKamey Still Hospitalized With Brain Injury

Created on Mar. 24, 2014 8:24 PM EST

Navy football player Will McKamey remained hospitalized and in a coma Sunday after collapsing during practice Saturday.

McKamey, who suffered a brain injury in high school that required him to be airlifted to a hospital, underwent "4-6 CAT scans and MRI's to rule out any issue and clear him for contact. After his prior incident he went without any contact for over nine months just to be safe. We feel obviously there is more going on in his brain than he could have ever detected," McKamey's family said in a statement.

Named Mr. Football in Tennessee in 2012, the slotback did not record any stats for the Midshipmen in 2013.

“Today Will’s condition is very much the same as yesterday,” the family said Sunday. “We are counting this as a blessing due to the fact that the brain is very slow in the healing process. We are in for a long road. Please understand that ‘no change’ is still expected and seen as a blessing at this point. We are taking it day at a time.”

Some people will use this incident to tap into the ongoing dialog about the health risks of football and whether McKamey's previous incident was properly vetted, but on the surface, it seems like this is just an unfortunate incident that sometimes happens.

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