Joe Coughlin

Neither Side Gets Justice In Winston Case

Created on Dec. 06, 2013 11:29 AM EST

No charges, no exonoration and no conclusion came Thursday in the sexual assault case that featured Jameis Winston as a suspect. 

The state's attorney told us that evidence was inconclusive and no charges will be filed. That doesn't mean Winston is innocent and it doesn't mean he's guilty. What it means is about a year after the alleged rape, we got no answer.

It's not fair to Winston, it's not fair to his accuser and it's not fair to the general public. The case should have been drawn out and pursued to the fullest when it was reported on the night in question in December 2012. Instead, we know plenty of details — allegedly scummy cops, DNA, potential lies and more — but have no answers.

This wasn't justice. It was the opposite.   

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