Kate Lemasters

New England Patriots Halfway Through The Season

Created on Nov. 16, 2013 9:16 PM EST

During the regular 2013 season, the New England Patriots have won seven out of nine games. While it is a phenomenal statistic, everyone who has been actively following the Patriots knows that it hasn’t been the easiest of roads.

The season started off with numerous injuries, which left a roster of rookies and Tom Brady trying to recover the broken pieces. At the end of September, Rob Gronkowski, Danny Amendola, Kyle Arrington, Brandon Bolden, Sebastian Vollmer, Nate Ebner, Leon Washington and Will Svitek were on the injured list.

Sports fans have watched the offensive line struggle every step of the way. There is a period of adjustment when players start working together. Luckily for the organization, the defensive line has held strong and progress has been made each week.

The matchup against the Pittsburgh Steelers in week nine was truly the beacon of hope. Everything came together beautifully. Rob Gronkowski, Aaron Dobson, Julian Edelman, Danny Amendola all were superstars on the field. This was the game that made fans believe that the New England Patriots were going to dominate the rest of the season.

The one thing you can truly count on is that both Bill Belichick and Tom Brady know how to win football games. Brady strives under pressure and knows how to lead his team to victory. While the road may not have been easy, if the Patriots do make it through the regular season, perform well in the playoffs and end up in the Super Bowl, they will have earned it.

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