Greg Barber

New Orleans Feeling The Loss Of Jabari Greer

Created on Dec. 06, 2013 2:00 PM EST

Since New Orleans Saints CB Jabari Greer was injured during the game against the San Francisco 49ers earlier this season, there was some concern as to how big a loss he really would be. Judging from the fan reaction to the last two games, most of them seem to be ready to hit the panic button.

There have been many suggestions from fans for the Saints organization to call Nnamdi Asomugha as a veteran player to replace Greer in the secondary. Asomugha at one time was a premier corner, but that has changed over the last few years, and there is a reason why he is not playing right now. There is no doubt that his skills have eroded to the point that not a single NFL team has worked him out since his release from the 49ers.

Asomugha knows that he is not the same player he once was and understands that his career has most likely come to an end. It is time for Saints fans to understand this and let that sleeping dog lie.

At this point,  New Orleans is using CBs Cory White, Rod Sweeting and Chris Carr to get the job done, and it has been questionable as to how good or bad they are performing in Greer's absence.

When the Saints played the Atlanta Falcons, QB Matt Ryan threw to Darius Johnson several times, who was matched up against White. This was pretty successful in the first half but in the second half, that changed and Johnson was not as effective. That was a game in which Greer was noticeably missed as his skill and experience would have helped for sure.

Overall, the secondary was not horrible, but there was some understandable concern going into Seattle whether they would be able to hold up against the Seahawks offense.

On Monday night, the Saints secondary was blistered by the Seahawks to the point that not even Greer could have saved them. There were a few reasons that the Saints defense was beaten so badly in this game. Play calling, missed assignments, trying to do too much - you name it and they did it. And paid dearly.

There were several backbreaking plays on defense that New Orleans could not overcome. The 60-yard play action pass from Russell Wilson to TE Zach Miller hurt them pretty badly, but the ricochet touchdown pass in the third quarter by FB Derrick Coleman totally sealed the Saints' fate.

That was a game that the Saints will have to learn from, but understand that day (and only that day) was just not theirs. The outcome of this game does not mean that if they end up playing Seattle again at home that it will have the same end result.

Fans have to remember that there were occasions over the last couple of seasons where Greer was a more of a liability than a lockdown corner. So New Orleans could be better off allowing White and Sweeting to grow into the position since they are the future as of right now.

The Saints lost to the Seahawks as a team, which means that was a loss that from top to bottom. The Saints did not prepare as well as they thought they did. This happens to every team in the NFL, and it is up to the coaching staff and players to take this loss and look at themselves a little closer to see where they can improve moving forward.