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NFL Home Teams Dominate Overtime Games

Created on Dec. 03, 2013 4:38 AM EST

Week 13 had two games go into overtime: The Vikings beat the Bears 23-20, and the Atlanta Falcons defeated the Buffalo Bills 34-31. For the Falcons, it was their first overtime win on the road since September 26, 2010.

Through 13 weeks, there have been 13 overtime games in the NFL this season. One ended in a tie, and the home team has won nine of the other 12 OT contests.

In 2012, there 21 regular-season overtime games in the NFL. Of those 21, the home team won 11 of them. There was also an overtime game in the playoffs; that was won by the away team (Baltimore) as they knocked the Denver Broncos out of the playoffs on their home field on a Justin Tucker 47-yard field goal in double-overtime.

One of the more interesting overtime games last season was on December 2. The Seattle Seahawks were on the road facing the Chicago Bears. The Seahawks won the game 23-17 in Chicago in overtime. It was the first victory in a five-game winning streak that propelled the Seahawks to an 11-win season and a spot in the playoffs.

But another reason that game was noteworthy was that it was the first overtime win on the road for the Seahawks in almost 10 years. Prior to that win in Chicago, the last time Seattle won an overtime game on the road was December 29, 2002 when they beat the Chargers 31-28 in an overtime game in San Diego.

The current longest drought for a road overtime win belongs to the Arizona Cardinals. Arizona has not won an overtime game on the road since December 2, 2001.

With that in mind, here is the last time each team won an overtime game on the road.

Last overtime game won on the road, team

12-2-2001: Arizona

10-23-2003: New England

1-10-2004: Carolina

10-10-2004: Minnesota

10-24-2004: Philadelphia

10-16-2005: Jacksonville

10-30-2005: Chicago

11-27-2005: St. Louis

12-10-2006: Tennessee

10-29-2007: Green Bay

11-18-2007: Cleveland

12-9-2007: San Diego

9-14-2008: San Francisco

10-17-2010: Miami

11-28-2010: Pittsburgh

12-26-2010: Washington

11-20-2011: Dallas

11-27-2011: Denver

12-24-2011: Oakland

1-22-2012: New York Giants

9-23-2012: Kansas City

9-23-2012: New York Jets

10-14-2012: Buffalo

10-14-2012: Detroit

10-28-2012: Indianapolis

11-18-2012: Tampa Bay

11-22-2012: Houston

12-23-2012: New Orleans

1-12-2013: Baltimore

9-29-2013: Seattle

10-13-2013: Cincinnati

12-1-2013: Atlanta

Of the three teams that have this season won OT games on the road, two of those road OT victories came at the expense of the Buffalo Bills (both Cincinnati and Atlanta beat Buffalo in OT on the Bills' home field). The Bills became the 11th team since the AFL-NFL merger in 1970 to have lost two overtime games at home in a season. Following are those teams:

Lost two overtime games at home in a season

2013: Buffalo

2003: Tampa Bay

2002: Minnesota, Oakland

1996: Washington

1993: New England

1987: New England

1983: Green Bay, Houston Oilers, Tampa Bay

1979: New England

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