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NFL Suspends Broncos' Von Miller For 6 Games

Created on Aug. 20, 2013 7:16 PM EST

The NFL has suspended Denver Broncos LB Von Miller for the first six games of the 2013 season. Miller will be missing matchups against the Baltimore Ravens, New York Giants, Oakland Raiders, Philadelphia Eagles, Dallas Cowboys and Jacksonville Jaguars.

“All of us will stand by Von and help him however possible as he continues his personal growth off the field,” coach John Fox said in a statement. “Replacing him on the field will not be easy, but every team must deal with adversity.  We will plan accordingly and be prepared.  I am confident our team will step up and meet the challenge.  I expect Von to stay in excellent shape and be ready to play at a high level when he returns to the Broncos.”

There are no mincing words here: this is a colossal blow to Denver’s defense. Miller is without question one of the most dominant pass rushers in the NFL, and his absence will have an immediate impact on their defense. Elvis Dumervil left the team in the offseason for the Baltimore Ravens, and DE Derek Wolfe recently went down with a scary neck injury. While Wolfe is expected to be back fairly soon, the exact date of his return is unknown at this point.

 “Von has acknowledged making some mistakes in the past and is now being held accountable under the policies the league has in place,” Fox said. “While it’s very disappointing that we will be without him for the start of the season, we will support him as a football team and organization.”

The league allegedly wanted to suspend Miller for more than six games, but they ultimately settled on that number after negotiations with the player’s union. The exact cause of the suspension is currently unknown, but leaks claim that it is a result of a diluted urine sample.

"The substances of abuse policy requires everyone to comply with the rules," Miller said in a statement. "Although my suspension doesn't result from a positive test, there is no excuse for my violations of the rules. I made mistakes and my suspension has hurt my team, Broncos fans, and myself. I am especially sorry for the effect of my bad decisions on others.

"I will not make the same mistakes about adhering to the policy in the future," said Miller. "During my time off the field, I will work tirelessly and focus exclusively on remaining in peak shape. I look forward to contributing immediately upon my return to the field and bringing a championship back to the people of Denver."

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