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Nnamdi Release Brings More Turmoil To A Suspect Eagles Secondary

Created on Mar. 12, 2013 9:00 PM EST

See ya later, Nnamdi Asomugha.

The Philadelphia Eagles made the obvious move today by releasing Asomugha after two miserable seasons in which the highly touted corner hauled in just four picks. Asomugha’s release means the Eagles only have to pay him $4 million instead of the outlandish $15 million he was slated to make this year—he walks away with a million dollars for each interception he snagged as an Eagle.

The great irony with this release is that there appeared to be a sense of relief amongst Eagles fans. Asomugha was a complete let down. He signed a massive deal two years ago, and was a downright liability in the Eagles secondary. The overall sentiment in Philadelphia was how come this release didn’t take place earlier?

But this move means the Eagles have even more work to do this off season. With Dominique Rogers-Cromartie likely parting ways with the Eagles in free agency, that leaves Curtis Marsh, Brandon Boykin and Brandon Hughes to hold down the Eagles secondary. Who?

This Eagles defense is more suspect than Oscar Pistorius.

Nnamdi’s release was an intelligent, yet obvious business decision. He was not worth anywhere near $15 million, but now the Eagles have to scramble to put together a respectable secondary through free agency and the draft.

The good thing is, the Eagles have a ton of money to blow in free agency. With roughly $34 million to play with, the hope is that Chip Kelly and company are plotting some major free agency acquisitions.

While we can only speculate as to who the Eagles are after, today’s NFL consists of money hungry free agents more interested in padding their bank accounts than winning a super bowl. In hindsight, I applauded the Eagles signing of Asomugha two years ago as an ambitious move to bolster an already talented defense. No one could have predicted his downward spiral.

But now the Eagles are going to have to take a similar risk. And let’s just hope they choose to pay the right men.

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