Joe Jenkins

North Dakota State Stays On FCS Roll Against FBS

Created on Aug. 31, 2014 9:07 PM EST

A note to every Football Bowl Subdivision team in the country: If North Dakota State University is on your future non-conference schedule, you might want to drum up an excuse to back out of the date. Those Bison are giantkillers. 

Since 2007, NDSU has played six FBS teams, and beaten them all, according to CBS Sports. The most recent victim of the Bison was Iowa State, which dropped its season opener to the Bison, 34-14, on Saturday.

During its run, NDSU has been an equal opportunity season-destroyer, taking down the likes of Minnesota twice, Kansas, Kansas State and Colorado State. The best part is that the Bison don't use smoke and mirrors to get the job done. NDSU's average margin of victory during its reign of terror over FBS teams has been 10 points. 

USA Today managed to put NDSU's streak into perspective. Since 2010, the Bison have won five games against FBS competition. By comparison, perennial Big 12 doormat Kansas has only won six. 

Maybe that's why the Big Ten swore off scheduling FCS schools: It got tired of NDSU beating up on Big Ten competition. Looks like the Big 12 should follow suit.

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