Trent Stutzman

Note To Packers - The Answer At QB Is Not Out There

Created on Nov. 05, 2013 12:20 AM EST

The Green Bay Packers have been incredibly injury prone through the first half of the 2013 regular season. Clay Matthews, Randall Cobb, Casey Hayward and Jermichael Finley, among many others, all have missed significant time already. And while these injuries were tough pills to swallow for the Packers, everyone knew not all was lost. As long as Aaron Rodgers was taking snaps from under center, Green Bay still had a shot of advancing deep into the playoffs.

Well, after only one drive Monday night, that no longer was the case. Rodgers left the game early with a shoulder injury, and with him went the joy, faith and hope of Packers fans.

Naturally, the Twitter world went nuts throughout the night. Everyone began trying to solve the Packers’ quarterback situation instantly. The biggest names thrown around were Matt Flynn, the former Packer who excelled behind Rodgers and was released Monday, and of course the immortal Tim Tebow, who seems to pop up in just about every conversation concerning emergency quarterback situations. This thought, although not seriously, even crossed my mind – this storyline sets up a Brett Favre comeback all too perfectly.

All kidding aside, Packers fans need to realize this – there’s no salvation coming. Do not expect anyone who comes in to guide this team to the Promised Land. There may be some intriguing prospects out there, but remember, these guys aren’t on an NFL roster for a reason. Tebow couldn’t work his way into a starting job over Mark Sanchez, and not even the genius Bill Belichick could find an effective way to use him. Matt Flynn would be the best option of anyone, given his history in Green Bay, but look at how his 2013 season has gone. Neither the Oakland Raiders nor the Buffalo Bills, two teams that have been desperate for a legitimate quarterback for a long time, wanted to keep Flynn around. The Bills were even on their third-string quarterback and didn’t find it useful to hold on to him for at least a couple weeks.

And there are plenty of other recognizable names out there, but all share one thing in common – they already were unwanted by all 32 NFL teams. If the Packers really think there’s someone out there who can come in and make a difference, why wouldn’t this person already be on the roster instead of Seneca Wallace?

Look, I don’t know yet how long this injury will keep Rodgers out. I typed almost this entire article before the game actually ended, so this is assuming the worst possible scenario. For all I know, Rodgers could be right back in the lineup next Sunday against the Philadelphia Eagles.

Packers fans sure better hope that’s the case. Wallace isn’t taking this team to the playoffs. You think anyone whom the Packers already had said, "Thanks, but no thanks" to will be any better of an option? I sure am skeptical.

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