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Oakland Raiders

Oakland Raiders Injuries


Date Player POS Injury Game Status Practice Status
Jan/01/2015 Trent Richardson RB Illness Unknown Unknown
Dec/25/2014 Dan Williams DT Foot Questionable Limited Participation
Dec/23/2014 Khalil Mack LB Hamstring Unknown Limited Participation
Dec/23/2014 Ras-I Dowling CB Hamstring Unknown Limited Participation
Dec/17/2014 D.J. Hayden CB Back Questionable Limited Participation
Dec/16/2014 Michael Crabtree WR Knee Unknown Full Participation
Dec/16/2014 C.J. Wilson DE Knee Questionable Full Participation
Dec/16/2014 Derek Carr QB Illness Unknown Full Participation
Dec/16/2014 TJ Carrie CB Ankle Unknown Limited Participation
Dec/10/2014 Andre Holmes WR Shoulder Unknown Full Participation
Dec/10/2014 Larry Asante SS Shoulder/Quad Unknown Did Not Participate
Dec/09/2014 Roy Helu RB Toe Unknown Full Participation
Dec/03/2014 Menelik Watson T Foot/Ankle Unknown Limited Participation
Dec/03/2014 Sio Moore LB Hip Unknown Did Not Participate
Dec/02/2014 Michael Crabtree WR Knee Unknown Limited Participation
Nov/26/2014 Larry Asante SS Shoulder Probable Limited Participation
Nov/26/2014 Brian Leonhardt TE Concussion Unknown Did Not Participate
Nov/26/2014 Neiko Thorpe CB Hand Unknown Full Participation
Nov/25/2014 Latavius Murray RB Concussion Unknown Full Participation
Nov/25/2014 Lee Smith TE Illness Unknown Did Not Participate
Nov/23/2014 Nate Allen SAF Ankle Unknown Full Participation
Nov/18/2014 Trent Richardson RB Illness Unknown Full Participation
Nov/17/2014 Miles Burris LB Hip Unknown Limited Participation
Nov/16/2014 Derek Carr QB Quadricep Unknown Limited Participation
Nov/11/2014 D.J. Hayden CB Groin Probable Full Participation
Nov/11/2014 Justin Tuck DE Neck Questionable Limited Participation
Nov/11/2014 Khalif Barnes OL Quad Probable Full Participation
Nov/11/2014 Dan Williams DT Elbow Unknown Full Participation
Nov/11/2014 Menelik Watson T Concussion Probable Full Participation
Nov/11/2014 Jonathan Dowling SAF Back Unknown Did Not Participate
Nov/11/2014 Curtis Lofton LB Ankle Probable Full Participation
Nov/05/2014 Kenbrell Thompkins WR Not-Injury Related Probable Did Not Participate
Nov/05/2014 Gabe Jackson OG Knee Questionable Limited Participation
Oct/29/2014 Kenbrell Thompkins WR Not Injury-Related Unknown Did Not Participate
Oct/29/2014 Jamize Olawale FB Shoulder/Hamstring Probable Full Participation
Oct/28/2014 Malcolm Smith LB Groin Unknown Full Participation
Oct/28/2014 TJ Carrie CB Ankle Probable Limited Participation
Oct/28/2014 Nate Allen SAF Hamstring Probable Full Participation
Oct/21/2014 Austin Howard OT Neck Unknown Full Participation
Oct/21/2014 Trent Richardson RB Hamstring Unknown Did Not Participate
Oct/15/2014 Benson Mayowa DE Knee Unknown Full Participation
Oct/14/2014 Derek Carr QB Ankle/Knee Unknown Full Participation
Oct/07/2014 Keith McGill CB Groin Probable Limited Participation
Oct/07/2014 Khalif Barnes OL Quad Unknown Limited Participation
Oct/07/2014 Marcel Reece FB Quad Unknown Limited Participation
Oct/07/2014 Derek Carr QB Ankle, Knee Unknown Limited Participation
Sep/30/2014 Michael Crabtree WR Foot Unknown Full Participation
Sep/25/2014 Matt McCants T Knee Unknown Full Participation
Sep/23/2014 Miles Burris LB Foot Unknown Did Not Participate
Sep/23/2014 Miles Burris LB Foot Unknown Limited Participation
Sep/23/2014 Rod Streater WR Foot Unknown Did Not Participate
Sep/16/2014 Roy Helu RB Quadricep Probable Full Participation
Sep/16/2014 Justin Tuck DE Illness Probable Full Participation
Sep/16/2014 Sio Moore LB Ankle Unknown Full Participation
Sep/10/2014 Matt McCants T Knee Questionable Limited Participation
Sep/09/2014 Taiwan Jones RB Foot Unknown Did Not Participate
Sep/09/2014 Curtis Lofton LB Shoulder Unknown Full Participation
Sep/02/2014 Sebastian Janikowski K Right Quad Probable Full Participation
Sep/02/2014 Michael Crabtree WR Calf Questionable Limited Participation
Sep/02/2014 Lee Smith TE Toe Probable Full Participation
Sep/02/2014 Menelik Watson T Hip Probable Full Participation
Jan/14/2014 Kenbrell Thompkins WR Hip, Concussion Questionable Limited Participation
Jan/07/2014 Michael Crabtree WR Wrist Probable Full Participation
Dec/25/2013 Menelik Watson T Calf Probable Did Not Participate
Dec/24/2013 Malcolm Smith LB Ankle Probable Full Participation
Dec/18/2013 Sio Moore LB Illness Probable Full Participation
Dec/17/2013 Austin Howard OT Knee Probable Full Participation
Dec/17/2013 Charles Woodson FS Ribs Probable Full Participation
Dec/17/2013 Miles Burris LB Ankle Questionable Limited Participation
Dec/10/2013 Sio Moore LB Neck Probable Limited Participation
Dec/10/2013 Michael Crabtree WR Ankle Probable Full Participation
Dec/10/2013 Nick Kasa TE Concussion Probable Limited Participation
Dec/10/2013 Khalif Barnes OL Knee, Ankle Probable Full Participation
Dec/03/2013 Miles Burris LB Toe Questionable Limited Participation
Dec/03/2013 Christian Ponder QB Concussion Out of game Did Not Participate
Dec/03/2013 Rodney Hudson C Elbow Probable Full Participation
Nov/25/2013 Menelik Watson T Illness Probable Full Participation
Nov/24/2013 C.J. Wilson DE Ankle Questionable Limited Participation
Nov/24/2013 Mychal Rivera TE Concussion Questionable Limited Participation
Nov/24/2013 Sio Moore LB Shoulder Questionable Limited Participation
Nov/20/2013 Trent Richardson RB Calf Questionable Limited Participation
Nov/19/2013 Andre Holmes WR Shoulder Probable Full Participation
Nov/12/2013 Christian Ponder QB Shoulder Probable Full Participation
Nov/12/2013 Donald Penn OT Calf Probable Full Participation
Nov/06/2013 D.J. Hayden CB Groin Out of game Did Not Participate
Nov/05/2013 Sebastian Janikowski K Ribs Probable Full Participation
Nov/05/2013 James Dockery CB Shoulder Out of game Did Not Participate
Nov/05/2013 Matt McCants T Toe Probable Full Participation
Nov/05/2013 Trent Richardson RB Ankle Questionable Full Participation
Nov/05/2013 Curtis Lofton LB Hamstring Probable Limited Participation
Nov/05/2013 Rod Streater WR Hip Probable Full Participation
Oct/30/2013 Andre Holmes WR Hamstring Probable Full Participation
Oct/15/2013 James Jones WR Knee Questionable Limited Participation
Oct/08/2013 Stacy McGee DT Shoulder Questionable Limited Participation
Oct/08/2013 Menelik Watson T Calf Questionable Limited Participation
Oct/01/2013 Charles Woodson FS Non-injury related Probable Full Participation
Oct/01/2013 Rodney Hudson C Shin Probable Full Participation
Oct/01/2013 Marcel Reece FB Knee Probable Limited Participation
Oct/01/2013 Kenbrell Thompkins WR Shoulder Questionable Limited Participation
Sep/24/2013 Christian Ponder QB Ribs Probable Full Participation
Sep/24/2013 Jamize Olawale FB Ankle Probable Full Participation
Sep/24/2013 Dan Williams DT Non-injury related Out of game Did Not Participate
Sep/24/2013 Sio Moore LB Concussion Probable Full Participation
Sep/17/2013 Malcolm Smith LB Hamstring Probable Full Participation
Sep/17/2013 Austin Howard OT Ribs Probable Full Participation
Sep/10/2013 Curtis Lofton LB Knee Probable Full Participation
Sep/04/2013 Sio Moore LB Foot Questionable Limited Participation
Sep/03/2013 James Dockery CB Thumb Questionable Limited Participation
Sep/03/2013 Dan Williams DT Knee Probable Full Participation
Sep/03/2013 Sebastian Janikowski K Calf Probable Limited Participation
Dec/12/2012 Dan Williams DT Hamstring Questionable Limited Participation
Dec/11/2012 Lee Smith TE Knee Probable Limited Participation
Dec/04/2012 Nate Allen SAF Shoulder Probable Full Participation
Dec/03/2012 Khalif Barnes OL Triceps Probable Limited Participation
Nov/27/2012 C.J. Wilson DE Knee Out of game Did Not Participate
Oct/23/2012 Charles Woodson FS Collarbone Out of game Out (Definitely will not play)
Oct/16/2012 Trent Richardson RB Chest/Rib/Finger Probable Full Participation