David Seigerman

On The Clock: 49ers

Created on Apr. 30, 2014 4:25 AM EST

Could San Fran Make a Splash?

No one is better positioned to make a move up in the draft than San Francisco. If there's someone the Niners love, they have more than enough picks to move up as high as they need to get him.

Now, that's not been San Francisco's style. But a bold move -- like the one the Falcons made to jump all the way up to grab Julio Jones -- is not out of the question.

The question, then, is who might the 49ers covet enough to make such a splashy move? I think there are two candidates they would consider, either of whom would resolve the same problem.

If the 49ers' front office has decided it has had enough of Aldon Smith, they could set themselves up for life after his departure (and during his suspension) by sending a boatload of picks to Jacksonville for No. 3, where they would promptly select Khalil Mack. Would Mack be a great fit for the Jaguars? Absolutely. But would the Jags benefit more from, say, three picks in the first three rounds this year, plus the Niners' first next year? The 49ers could give up picks 30, 61 and 77, land Mack and still have Nos. 61, 94 and 100, as well as five Day Three picks.

If that feels a bit too aggressive, then perhaps San Francisco would set its sights a little lower and target Anthony Barr instead. They could offer deals to the Raiders (No. 5), Bucs (No. 7) or Bills (No. 9) that would be too good to refuse. Barr is not likely to get past the Titans at No. 11, but Tennessee could be in the market for some extra picks. The Titans have only six picks in this draft, none between 42 and 112. I'm guessing No. 11 could be pried out of Ken Whisenhunt's hands in exchange for picks 30, 56 and 77 (a pick that originally belonged to Tennessee).

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