David Seigerman

On The Clock: Browns

Created on Apr. 11, 2014 5:33 AM EST

A few years back, Hollywood did the unthinkable: it made a hit movie about an offensive lineman. "The Blind Side" turned Sandra Bullock into an Oscar winner and left tackle into a mainstream glamour position (though, in truth, left tackles had been much appreciated around and well-compensated in the NFL for a long time).

If there's anything less Hollywood than a lineman, it's the Cleveland Browns. And yet here's Kevin Costner trying to pull off a cinematic miracle: turning the Browns' front office into good box office. 

Even Hollywood, though, wouldn't touch a story that cast the Browns as playoff contenders. Even in the land of hobbits and superheroes, that concept's considered too far a fantastical leap to ask audiences to take.

But in Cleveland, in real life, there is hope. The Browns have had an active offseason. They have a new head coach (albeit the third or fourth name on their wish list) and new general manager. They have one of the NFL's best left tackles, one of its best cornerbacks and one if its best receivers. 

And they have two first-round draft picks. Five in the top 83. Eight in the top 150.

The 2014 Draft could well be the Browns' "Blind Side" -- the vehicle that turns them into a winner.

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