David Seigerman

On The Clock: Eagles

Created on Apr. 07, 2014 5:48 AM EST

The question that dominated the lead-up to the 2013 NFL Draft is a distant memory today. No longer is anyone questioning whether Chip Kelly's act would play on football's biggest stage. An NFC East title for Philadelphia in his debut season is all the affirmation Kelly's system requires.

Now, what it needs are pieces.

Kelly won last season primarily with what he had inherited from Andy Reid. This year's draft gives him a chance to continue shaping his squad to his tastes -- even when it means getting rid of guys (Michael Vick, Desean Jackson) who would seem tailor-made for the kind of offense, Kelly like to run. What Kelly will be able to accomplish once he gets his kind of guys into his system is now the biggest question circling the Eagles.

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