Bill Lund

On The Clock: Packers

Created on Apr. 15, 2014 5:07 AM EST

The Green Bay Packers fought their way to the NFC North title despite missing their leader, Aaron Rodgers, most of the season. Injuries seem to plague the Packers on a yearly basis yet they always are in contention come playoff time. The rabid fan base expects a Super Bowl title every year; Green Bay is known as Titletown for a reason. The expectations of an organization that is owned by the community and has shareholders across the country makes everyone in Packer Nation an expert on what they should do come draft day.

Ted Thompson has established himself as a calculating and shrewd general manager. If he were a poker player, he'd be a rounder, never overextending, winning enough to make a living. Thompson has gone all in from time to time and cashed out big in 2006, signing Charles Woodson as a free agent who helped the Packers win the 2010 Super Bowl.

This offseason, Thompson made a similar move signing All-Pro Julius Peppers to help a struggling pass rush. Thompson dabbles in free agency, but ultimately he believes in building a team through the draft. With the 21st selection in the upcoming draft, we will look at the three biggest questions facing the Packers as they look to regain their Super Bowl swagger.

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