Founded In
Ordu, Turkey

About Orduspor

Orduspor were first established back in September 1967. Based in the city of Ordu, the club was created by combining players from the three main teams from the area at the time: Gençleryurdu, Spor Yıldızı and Karadeniz İdman Yurdu. Since the team's foundation, Orduspor have bounced between the divisions in the Turkish league system.

A mixed squad of players from the three main Ordu-based teams won the Turkish Junior Championship in 1966, which attracted the attention of the Turkish Football Federation's president, Orhan Şeref Apak. Apak wished for the combined team to enter the Turkish Second Division, which led to Orduspor's official foundation. The team entered the second tier of the league systen ahead of the 1967-68. For its debut season, the squad was primarily made up of academy players, as Orduspor did not make any major pre-season transfers.

In 1974-75, Orduspor were crowned champions of the second tier. As a result, they were promoted to the top flight for the first time. After establishing themselves there for a few years, the team finished in 4th place in 1978-79 and achieved qualification for the following season's UEFA Cup. Their UEFA Cup campaign got off to a promising start with a 2-0 win over Baník Ostrava. However, the team lost the return leg 6-0 and were eliminated from the competition. Since that time, Orduspor have become something of a yo-yo club, bouncing between the divisions, suffering multiple relegations and achieving several promotions. To date, major national or continental success has alluded the team.

Some of the team's best-known former players include names like Ernani Pereira and Fatih Tekke.

Orduspor play their home matches at the 19 Eylül Stadium. Over the last decade, the stadium has undergone renovations, which have included expanding the ground's capacity and improving the facilities. At present, the stadium is able to hold a maximum of 12,000 supporters.   

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