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Our AFC South Guys Got It Right

Created on Apr. 26, 2013 11:16 AM EST

Heading into the second night of the NFL Draft, the AFC South appears to be shaping up as a formidable division.

Our AFC South writers were, for the most part, spot-on in their predictions.

The Jaguars hit the jackpot with Luke Joeckel falling into their lap at No. 2. Though they could have traded down and tried to pry away an extra pick or two from a desperate suitor, they chose to take the best player in the draft outright. Everyone had expected Joeckel to go first-overall and for Eric Fisher to be the intriguing option at two, but once the Chiefs made their choice, the Jaguars didn't need to think twice.

One of our Jaguars writers, Andrew Kates, thought that Joeckel was sure to go first-overall and Fisher would be the logical pick. However, after reports leaked that the Chiefs were going to take Fisher, I followed up with him to ask his opinion. If Fisher were to go to the Chiefs, which he did, there was no question Joeckel was the guy. (1/1)

The Titans similarly needed to boost their offensive line and with Chase Warmack still on the board, it was a no-brainer. The big boy from 'Bama will slot right into the line and should be a starter for at least the next decade. If Bud Adams had to commit all that cash to Chris Johnson, the GM knows that shaping up that run attack is not only vital to the team, but to the front office's vitality.

Jordan Michael, our Titans writer, was sure of one thing heading into the draft and that was that Warmack would be the Titans pick. With the only 100 percent, no-doubt-about-it accuracy, it makes me wonder if Jordan doesn't have a source that the rest of us don't know about. (2/2)

The Colts knew that their defensive front was falling apart. Freeney's gone, Mathis is old and the inside guys have never been anything to write home about even back in the Peyton Manning era. Head coach Chuck Pagano comes from the Ravens, so you know he values defensive playmakers. Bjoern Werner is just that, a defensive end from Florida State that has the versatility to play all over the Colts defensive line and be a long-term piece of both their pass-rushing and run-stopping schemes.

Trent Stutzman had the feeling the Colts were going to take a defensive back, namely D.J. Hayden or Xavier Rhodes. Not a bad idea, especially given the wide receiver their biggest competitor selected just a few picks later. However, Trent did highlight outside linebacker and the pass rush in his last pre-draft article, so I gotta give it to Trent! (3/3)

The Texans did what they needed to, finally getting a weapon to complement Andre Johnson. Though it might be a little late with Johnson past his peak, at least the Texans are retooling and rebuilding simultaneously with their choice of DeAndre Hopkins. Matt Schaub should see more options across the field now with multiple weapons able to spread out defenses and keep a few extra men out of the box. Throw in the vicious ground game led by Arian Foster and this team looks poised to be potent.

Our Texans writer James Williams thought that Cordarrelle Patterson might still be on the board and the Texans would select him (he was hoping that Tavon Austin would fall, but he didn't have those hopes too high), but with a wide receiver on his mind I'll give him credit for a pretty accurate prediction. (4/4)

With the second and third rounds just a few hours away, stay tuned to for all your breaking news and updates regarding the NFL Draft.

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