Matt LaPan

Out Of The Shadows: Antonio Andrews, Western Kentucky

Created on Oct. 23, 2013 6:07 AM EST

The 2013 NFL draft made history by having the first first round since 1963 in which a running back was not selected. The first back selected in the 2013 draft was at the 37th pick when the Cincinnati Bengals took Giovani Bernard. This year expects to be different as the 2014 draft class has loads of running back talent and depth.

In this running back class stands a 6-foot, 219-pound running back from Western Kentucky named Antonio Andrews. Often overlooked due to the standing of Western Kentucky in the FBS, Andrews is proving each week that he has the talent to make it at any level.

Andrews is currently the leading rusher in the FBS with 1,036 yards and 10 touchdowns on 152 carries. He also has 19 receptions for 207 yards and is a dangerous returner. Andrews is a tough, physical runner who seems to enjoy delivering the strike to defenders rather than absorb the hit. He also displays great footwork and agility, as well as the ability to cut back with ease.

Andrews is also a very patient runner, allowing his blockers to set up their blocks before he attacks the hole. This allows him to use his cutback ability and his deceiving speed once he gets to the open field.

As a receiver, Andrews runs very good routes and has good hands. Once he catches the ball, he uses his great open-field ability to get away from defenders.

There are some worries with Andrews' game however. The most noticeable flaw is his running style. Andrews runs straight up-and-down rather than behind his pads. This leaves him open for more big hits, especially since Andrews is such a physical runner.

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