Adam Hurst

Patriots' Kraft Disputes Aaron Hernandez Story

Created on Aug. 30, 2013 2:52 PM EST

Not a good look.

New England Patriots team president Jonathan Kraft, son of Patriots owner Robert Kraft, was a guest on a Boston sports radio station, 98.5 FM The Sports Hub, disputing a number of claims made by Rolling Stone’s investigative report on Aaron Hernandez

Kraft, for the most part, denied head coach Bill Belichick of having any knowledge of Hernandez’s reported problems, and Kraft claimed Belichick would never suggest Hernandez get a “flop house” and “lay low.” The way Rolling Stone depicted Belichick was a little off-putting, making him out to appear like a mastermind mafia boss.

However, President Kraft doesn’t really make the situation any more favorable by going on a local radio show to dispute claims made about the team’s head coach. It would mean more coming from coach Belichick himself, but considering how tight-lipped Belichick is about Patriots game-day plans, pre- and post-game, it’s safe to assume the Patriots head coach has even less to say on Rolling Stone magazine and its discoveries.

The Patriots best move is to just stay as far removed from Hernandez as possible as things continue to unfold for the fallen star. So far, Robert Kraft has played the innocent old man routine, and now his son  pulled out the denial card. These are bold moves from a team that was quick to drop Hernandez the moment he was arrested.

The Patriots game plan on Hernandez still comes off as a hard-press cover up as to what extent they knew about Hernandez. If the Patriots do indeed have something to hide, history has been kinder to those owning up to it or simply not saying anything. Either one would seem to be a better defense than staunch denial.

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