Kate Lemasters

Patriots Must Simply Get It Together

Created on Oct. 08, 2013 6:22 AM EST

The New England Patriots walked out onto the field at Paul Brown Stadium in Cincinnati, Ohio and lost to the Cincinnati Bengals. The final score was 6-13.

With 3:34 left on the clock, the Patriots did something remarkably well… They brought about a fumble. Yay! All Patriots fans rejoiced and the trash talking got a little louder. Then, they did the unthinkable… They managed to screw it up. Danny Amendola dropped the football – it was raining, but football fans could really care less. Tom Brady was sacked – hands down the most valuable member of the team. That’s unacceptable.

Less than a minute left on the board, something so inconceivable happened, it still doesn’t seem real… Brady threw the ball toward Aaron Dobson and the ball was intercepted. Excuses could be made all-day long, but it happened.

In the past, with the dream team, the Patriots could be the comeback kids. They could come out with the scoreboard tied at halftime, pull off a few miraculously impressive plays and be victorious at the end. Guess what, those days are over…  There are a lot of rookies, there have been a lot of unfortunate injuries and the offensive line flat out sucked on Sunday.

All the sportscasters, bloggers and writers are putting all their hopes and dreams on Rob Gronkowski returning to the field. Brady is one of the best quarterbacks of all time, but two football players can’t win games on their own. The players have to learn how each other thinks, they must become skilled at knowing the plays being called and they have to realize Brady won’t be around to carry them forever. They’ve been extremely lucky this season, but on Sunday the errors finally caught up to them. They have to get it together… it’s as simple as that!

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