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Pellegrini unhappy with Malaga fixture

Created on Aug. 26, 2012 10:13 PM EST

Pellegrini's side are preparing for the first leg of their Champions League play-off with Panathinaikos on Wednesday, but have been scheduled to play Mallorca in La Liga on Sunday, just two days before the return game in Greece.

Pellegrini is clearly frustrated with the timing of the match, and suggested that Spain's other representatives in Europe's elite competition are being given favourable treatment in the scheduling of their domestic matches.

"Unfortunately, the programming is so strange to us, because we are playing at 11pm (against Malaga) and will finish at 1.30am, and on Tuesday we play in the Champions League," Pellegrini told reporters.

"We'll see if Madrid, Barcelona and Valencia have the same treatment and play at that time.

"Our recovery is more complicated. Let's see if during the Champions League another team involved in that would have to play at 11pm on the preceding Saturday and only have 48 hours to recover."

"I don't think there is intent to hinder Malaga. They (the authorities) unfortunately did not take into account the Champions League.

"The four teams represent Spain, and I think we should have the same conditions."

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