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Platini: No FIFA decision before World Cup

Created on Sept. 18, 2013 2:50 PM EST

UEFA president Michel Platini says he will not make a decision on whether to stand for the FIFA leadership before next year's World Cup.

Platini has been considering the idea of taking over from current FIFA president Sepp Blatter, who will see his term expire in 2015.

But the Frenchman admitted at a meeting of European associations in Dubrovnik on Tuesday that he was still unsure about his future, and that any decision would have to wait until next year's World Cup in Brazil had started.

"I have not yet decided what will I do in the future, and I want to have a few additional months to think," Platini said.

"I will take my decision during or after the FIFA World Cup and not before.

"I deeply love UEFA and it would be heartbreaking to choose another path but at the same time the question continuously crops up and it is a legitimate one.

"This is the reason why it is important for me to take my time, to make sure I take the right decision."

Platini stated he did not wish to divert attention from what he believes are more pressing issues.

"These elections are in two years' time, and I think it would be egotistical of me to make it a topic for debate or discussion now when football faces much more important issues than me or my situation," he added. 

"Let's concentrate on the key current matters and we will have the occasion to think about my future in the coming months."

Blatter said in 2011 that he would stand down when his term comes to an end, but he has hinted at another four-year term this year.

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