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Points Over Pints: Karma Comes Around

Created on Dec. 08, 2013 10:58 PM EST

This Week's Beer

Karma Factor.

I've always considered myself a "spiritual, but not religious" kind of guy. I take the best ideas from all the religions and make an amalgamation that works out for me ...

... But man, do I believe in karma. What goes around comes around, if you will.

Championship week may not have provided the moments that rivalry week did, but it certainly provided an opportunity for karma to show its face.

In honor of the universe unfolding as it should (we talked about this a few weeks ago), we'll be enjoying a pint of Karma Factor, a Belgian IPA brewed by the fine folks at Yards Brewing Company out of Philadelphia, Pa.

The First Sip

Auburn's run to the BCS championship certainly qualifies as improbable. 

Between the Hail Mary against Georgia and the field goal return in the Iron Bowl, you'd think the Tigers would have burned all of their good luck.

Not if you think about it. When a tornado ravaged Tuscaloosa, Ala., in April 2011 and killed hundreds, who showed up? The Auburn Tigers.

Despite the hatred between the two schools, the Auburn community stepped up and helped out.

The tragic storm may have happened in 2011, but Karma doesn't always work on a perfect clock. Maybe all of the good fortune the Tigers have seen this year is a direct result of the selfless acts they displayed almost two years ago.

Mid-Pint Musings

• Karma works both ways. A few weeks ago, Ohio State WR Evan Spencer said that Ohio State would "wipe the floor" with Alabama and Florida State, the two teams ahead of them in the rankings at the time. Spencer must have forgotten about Sparty. Michigan State took Michigan's playbook, but ran it to perfection. MSU was able to throw for more than 300 yards against a pass defense that ranked 115th in the nation.

• Talk about polar opposites. Florida State has beaten its opponents by an average if 42 points. Auburn won its games by an average of 19, and half of its games were decided by single digits.

• Baylor's 30-10 win over Texas should spell the end of Mack Brown's tenure in Austin. Those that make the coaching decisions (see: the boosters) will only remember a bad loss at the end of the year, not the fact that Brown won eight games with an inferior team.

• If you're a gambler, Bedlam ruined your day. Oklahoma was up 27-24 with 19 seconds left. Oklahoma State's failed hook-an-ladder resulted in the game pushing past the over/under line when the Sooners scored a meaningless touchdown. That's why Vegas is smarter than all of us.

• In the final year of the BCS, there will be no buster thanks to Bowling Green's 47-27 win over previously-unbeaten Northern Illinois. BGSU sports one of the best defenses in the country. The Falcons are an anomaly for the MAC in that they have a shut-down defense. Whichever team plays them in a bowl is going to have a long day.

The Last Gulp

Here's to the little guys.  

Rice, the second-smallest FBS school in terms of student population, won its first conference championship in 56 years when it beat Marshall, 41-24, on Saturday.   

Let's raise our glass to the former SWAC school that everybody forgets about. Cheers.

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