David Seigerman

Positional Rankings: Top 10 Cornerbacks

Created on Apr. 13, 2013 10:09 PM EST


6-foot, 201 pounds

Key 2012 stats: 22 passes defended, 2 INTs, 54 tackles

Watch any game footage of Milliner from 2012 and you see a guy with perhaps the most critical intangible required to play corner in man coverage – confidence. He’ll jam a receiver at the line, turn and run with him, dog him effortlessly through cuts, looking the whole time like he’s daring the ball to be thrown his way. In several games, you can see him almost allowing the receiver some separation on purpose, trying to bait a quarterback into making an ill-advised throw.

Milliner is the best man corner available in the draft. Few guys are going to run away from him at the next level. And while he played plenty of zone at Alabama, teams might be concerned with his effectiveness in run support. Milliner is physical and willing to get involved in the run game, but his tackling technique leaves him vulnerable to the bigger, stronger backs he’ll take on in the NFL.

The only other question about Milliner is how quickly he’ll adjust to covering the elite NFL receivers. Outside of the Tennessee game, he didn’t face a top-tier receiver prospect (though he did cover Notre Dame tight end Tyler Eifert in the BCS Championship). But he's the class of this class.

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