Matt LaPan

A Look Inside The 2013 Quarterback Class

Created on Mar. 21, 2013 12:43 AM EST

Landry Jones

Pros: Jones is another prospect with a NFL-ready body and a strong arm. Jones is also a far better athlete than he is often credited for. Jones has pretty good footwork both from the shotgun and from under center and throws a good ball while on the run. Jones is also very accurate on throws that NFL quarterbacks have to make, slants, sideline throws and fades in the red zone.

Cons: The biggest knock on Jones is his tendancy to disappear in big spots. This was never more evident that when Notre Dame traveled to Oklahoma last year and took down Jones and the Sooners. Jones also struggles to be accurate with "easy plays" like check-downs to running backs and short passes to receivers. Jones also has shaky pocket presence and gets "happy feet" when pressured.

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