Matt LaPan

A Look Inside The 2013 Quarterback Class

Created on Mar. 21, 2013 12:26 AM EST

Tyler Bray

Pros: Bray has an NFL-ready body, especially since adding 27 pounds from the end of his senior season to the NFL Combine. This added weight will only help Bray who displays elite arm strength and a quick release. He has the arm and the confidence to make throws to any part of the field, including deep throws to the outside where Bray excells.

Cons: Bray knows he has elite arm strength and at times that is the biggest detriment to his game. Not only does Bray rely on his arm strength to much, he then struggles to find his second and third reads and forces throws to his number one. Bray also struggles to consistently use proper footwork, again relying on his arm to bail him out. finally, Bray has trouble keeping his emotions in check and lacks the maturity needed to be at the helm of an NFL team.

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