Charles Murphy

QBs Drafted As Backups But With Starter Potential

Created on Jul. 11, 2013 8:32 AM EST

For those of you who are set on drafting the top tier quarterbacks in the early rounds such as Aaron Rodgers and Drew Brees, you might not have to carry a backup quarterback and probably aren't really concerned with the names that are in this article. Unfortunately, there are really only those two quarterbacks that I would feel confident drafting and leaving in as weekly starters - the set it and forget it strategy. For the remaining 8-to-14 teams, riskier quarterback options will require you to take a backup in the later rounds as an insurance policy. Amazingly, as seen with players like Russell Wilson and Carson Palmer, there is serviceable talent in the later rounds, which could turn your former insurance policy into your now weekly starting quarterback. This year, due to a vast amount of young capable talent, has been described as a very deep year for fantasy relevant quarterbacks, and it has become a popular strategy to wait until the later rounds to draft a quarterback, solidifying the more important positions of running back and wide receiver. This particular article is not intended to argue either side of this theory of where to draft  a quarterback, but more to identify possible later round targets that are described as fantasy backups. These backups have the potential and ceiling to explode into starter status, giving you a better option or a possible trading chip for quarterback-needy teams in your league. So who was this late round standout in 2012? For me it was Seattle Seahawks rookie Russell Wilson, who although got off to a slow start, finished strong as the No. 11 ranked fantasy quarterback in standard scoring. When compared to his relative draft position as the 23rd quarterback taken in drafts, those who rostered or drafted Wilson were rewarded in a big way. Lets take a look at some of the QB2s that have QB1 potential in 2013. Some have done it before and are bounce-back candidates, and we are just waiting for a breakout season from others. With all the coaching and player personnel movement this offseason, there are several interesting quarterback situations that could lead to massive production in 2013, and all of whom could make a big impact on your fantasy teams.

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