Mike Casazza

Ranking Soft Big 12 Non-Conference Schedules

Created on Jun. 25, 2013 4:02 PM EST

No. 8: Sleepers Serve As Wake-Up Call For Jayhawks

The appetizer, South Dakota, is pretty bad after nine straight losses ended a 1-10 season, but the Jayhawks will have their talons full with the other two games. Neither Rice nor Louisiana Tech is a fearsome name from a power conference, but they’re intriguing. Rice started 1-5, but won its final five games, including the bowl against Air Force. The Owls have just about everyone of worth back for a televised home night game. Louisiana Tech's strength depends on how you feel about Skip Holtz as a coach and how his offense differs from his predecessor’s, but he might be more at home in a lesser league. After impressing at East Carolina, Holtz never finished better than a tie for fifth in the Big East.

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