Nathan McCarter

Ranking the Big Ten Out of Conference Schedules: Part 1

Created on Jun. 27, 2014 8:42 AM EST

Big Ten Football is drawing near, and one of the consistent criticisms of the league in recent years has been their out of conference schedules.

Non-conference schedules are a point of interest for every team in every conference, and that is why we will break the Big Ten's down for you here on We will rank each team's out of conference schedule against each other from #14 all the way to #1.

With a committee now choosing the top four teams for the new playoff, there is little doubt that team's non-conference schedules will come in to question. It is not just how you play in your own conference, but how you schedule starting with week one. The days of picking on low-level FCS schools is past.

Who has the weakest non-conference schedule? Let's start the countdown.

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