Christopher Smith

Recruit Inexplicably Signs With Three Different Schools

Created on Feb. 06, 2014 7:50 PM EST

It's usually safe for a coach to deploy a fist pound or a sigh of relief when he receives a fax from a recruit committing to his school, but apparently that's not always the case.

In one of the most entertaining stories to emerge from National Signing Day, running back D.J. Law faxed signed National Letters Of Intent to three different schools Wednesday.

Law, a consensus three-star recruit from the Tampa area, held a televised ceremony at Haines City High School with hats from both Ole Miss and Utah, according to an Orlando Sentinel report. He then picked up the Utah hat and placed it on his head.

But at 9:22 a.m., Ole Miss posted the following to its Twitter account:

"D.J. Law (ATH, Haines City, Fla.) is officially an Ole Miss Rebel! #NewRebels."

Law also sent an NLI to East Mississippi Community College for good measure. Law could fail to meet academic qualifying standards and need to go the community college route — which, sadly, wouldn't shock many people after Wednesday's development.

It's unclear why Law signed and faxed three different letters of intent, but Ole Miss politely released him from the commitment after a phone call indicated he'd rather play for Utah.

Rebels coach Hugh Freeze promptly released this statement to cover their NCAA tracks:

"Our compliance department is cooperating fully with the NLI office on this matter. We are completely certain no wrongdoing occurred by our coaching or compliance staff. Regardless of the outcome of the findings, we want the young man to attend the school he wants. After talking with D.J. and his family, we are releasing him from his NLI and wish him the best. We have put this matter behind us and plan to make best use of that scholarship."

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