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Reds Rant: Fans gobsmacked at Timbers-Toronto trade

Created on Sept. 10, 2013 8:16 AM EST

You chase a player through thick and thin for eight or nine months. You finally land him, even though his old club says that it still has him on contract. Then you trade him after 37 minutes of game time?

Welcome to the whacky world of Toronto FC. Not only the worst club in Major League Soccer over seven seasons, but now the weirdest of them all.

Maximilliano Urutti arrived here three weeks ago in a blaze of glory, made two appearances as a sub and is now a Portland Timbers player. He left his native Argentina, claiming Newell’s Old Boys weren’t paying him which made him, in his eyes anyway, a free agent.

In return, TFC get Bright Dike (pronounced Dee-kay) a strapping 6-1 Nigerian striker with glass knees who has made only 23 appearances in three seasons in which he scored six goals prior to tearing his ACL and then Achillies.

Toronto also gets allocation money, an international slot and third 2015 first round draft pick. Urruti was also a “designated young player” so that spot is also available and opens up more cap space.

Boy, that’s gonna be some team come 2016, eh? Don’t hold your breath.

What to make of it? Well, Urutti was departed General Manager Kevin Payne’s big deal and coach Ryan Nelsen never really liked him. So, he’s gone.

Apparently there is a big plan in the work but it might have to wait until TFC hires a new GM to replace the departed Payne. Who wants to take over a club and find out that $26 million in acquisition money has already been spent the week before your arrival?

Manchester has the Theatre of Dreams but in Toronto we have the Theatre of the Absurd.

TFC plays Chicago Wednesday night. Can’t wait to see how the crowd greets the team, if anyone shows up at all given that thunder and lightening are in the forecast.

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