Redskins Hit And Miss Throughout The Draft

Created on Apr. 30, 2013 10:24 AM EST

The 2013 NFL Draft is in the rearview, and any remaining suspicion of Washington Redskins owner Daniel Snyder’s influence on personnel decisions can be officially dismissed. The Redskins executed their draft in a workmanlike, if unspectacular manner. They entered with seven picks scattered across rounds two through 7 — including two picks in the fifth round — and exited having drafted exactly seven players. There were no trades, no borrowing against next year’s draft to trade up and nab a must-have asset and no gambles on the draft’s high ceiling/low floor storylines — guys like Tyrann Mathieu, Marcus Lattimore or Manti Te’o.

Instead, the Redskins quietly — and I stress quietly — sat in place, waited to go on the clock and timely turned in a name to the league. The players selected caused little reaction, carried no pre-draft baggage and almost certainly didn’t move the ratings needle. It was a draft that was Steelers-esque; what it emphatically lacked was any thumbprint of Daniel Snyder. 

A superficial scan of positions selected reveals a clear intent to address glaring needs within the overarching mantra of selecting the best available talent. In all, it appears the team has added several talented players, but the reality is all draftees are unknown commodities — players whose contributions to the team and overall NFL shelf life won’t be confirmed for years. However, speculating about the 2013 NFL Draft class’ fit and potential impact on next year’s squad is something that can and must be done. Similar to the methodical manner in which they were selected, the pick-by-pick analysis will start at the top with the 51st overall selection and snake its way to the ‘Skins final selection, the 228th overall pick.

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